Welcome to the website. My name is Christina Fairhead and I am a safeguarding consultant with over 40 years experience as a qualified nurse. I have specialised in safeguarding and safeguarding children for 14 years as a Named Nurse, Team Manager, Designated Nurse & Queen’s Nurse.

Safeguarding is a challenging field and it can be difficult to ensure that your services remain high quality whilst also being compliant with current legislation.

 I have extensive experience of multi-agency and partnership working including;

I offer strategic safeguarding support to fulfil your statutory safeguarding duties particularly when the safeguarding agenda is continually changing and developing. Consultancy is available for discreet pieces of work and ongoing projects both in terms of my working independently or in collaboration with your existing services.

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Please contact me by telephoning 07985 050000 or email at safeguardingfoundations@gmail.com